DE BATTRE MON COEUR S'EST ARRÊTÉ*dog heads barking // all rights reserved to carolina moscoso


radio flyer

Before anybody ever grows up, there are magical things impossible for adults that can still happen.
The reason why these things are lost to the grown up world is simple... 
In the quick second between the age of 12 and your 13th birthday the great secrets to them all are replaced in your mind with thoughts of the opposite sex.
There are seven of these lost secret fascinations and abilities.
They are:
That animals can talk;
Your favourite blanket is woven from a fabric so mighty that once pulled over your head it becomes an impenetrable force field;
Nothing is too heavy to lift with the aid of a cape;
Your hand, held four fingers out and thumbs up, actually fires bullets;
Jumping from any height with an umbrella is completely safe;
Monsters exist, they can both be seen and done battle with;
And the greatest, most special and regrettable loss of all, the ability to fly.

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